Construction for a Home Addition


Tips For Building A Private Road

Few things are more exciting than purchasing land and beginning construction of your dream home. Before you get too far in the planning process, though, you may need to first put in a private road to your home site. These roads generally wend their way from the nearest public road, which means you will have […]

How To Reinforce Your Aluminum Gutter

Aluminum gutters are very durable, but they need to be maintained over the years. Most gutter problems are a result of the mounting bracket screws getting loose. This usually happens when the wood on the fascia board becomes rotten. If the screws become loose and expose the wood grain, your fascia board can warp, swell […]

Your Concerns About Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofs have a beautiful, rustic appearance that is difficult to replicate with any other material. Yet, many homeowners are hesitant to cap their homes with wood, a material that’s not known for being overly durable or sturdy. Cedar, luckily, is a lot sturdier than most woods and actually makes a great roofing material. Here’s […]