Popular Two Story House Plans

There are so many considerations that go into planning to build a house. One of the biggest is fitting as much living space into your plot as possible. For that, two story homes are very popular. They take up less horizontal space, relying on the vertical to increase your living area. Consider choosing a two story house plan not only for a smaller lot but also for the attractiveness of the design.

Basics of Two Story House Plans

Obviously, two story houses consist of two levels of living space. This does not include a finished basement – that's not considered a story. According to Better Homes and Gardens, two story houses fall in one of two categories:

  • All bedrooms on one level, usually the second floor
  • Master bedroom on the ground floor, additional bedrooms on the second floor

Which you choose depends on your living style. Having all the bedrooms on the top floor creates a greater distinction between the two. However, having your bedroom right next to the children's or guest bedrooms does not afford you as much privacy as the other option.

Cape Cod Houses

Cape Cod houses are an attractive choice that keep the master bedroom on the main floor. The exterior of these homes features clapboard siding and wooden shingles on the roof, though these are often simulated. Cape Cods often afford you the most expandability options. In fact, many home builders leave the top floor unfinished until the space is needed.

Log Home

Log homes offer a variety of design options. Indeed, many home builders take log home house plans and transform them with different materials. What makes log home house plans unique is that the two story varieties are often situated topsy-turvey. The master bedroom, kitchen and living areas are on the top floor, while the bottom floor consists of the extra bedrooms. Such house plans also offer two story windows, which is why they're so popular for lots with a view.

Victorian Houses

Just because your house won't date back to Victorian times doesn't mean it can't feature a Victorian house plan. The exterior is part of what makes them distinctive, with their gables, bay windows and tower-like additions. Inside, they are characterized by enclosed rooms instead of open house plans. Bedrooms tend to be all on the second floor. Victorian homes also include porches, so these are a good choice for those who want to incorporate outdoor living into their lifestyle.

Contemporary Houses

When a house style doesn't really fit into any other category, it's typically a contemporary plan. This is their hallmark – they don't bow to tradition. For that reason, contemporary house plans are perfect for customization. They usually feature many windows, but this isn't a must. They also often offer unique shapes, but, again, it's up to you and the architect. One common feature of contemporary plans, though, is that they usually have clean lines on the outside and open floor plans on the inside.

Cape Cods and Victorians are very traditional. Log homes and contemporary styles tend to feel more modern. As you consider your options for house plans, think about which style feels comfortable for you. Contact a designer, like South Florida Design, INC, before you build, to make sure you've got the right plan in mind for your dream home.