3 Big Benefits Of Chain Link Fencing

When it comes to fencing, consumers today are faced with a wide range of options. Sometimes, it can be difficult to select which material to use, as each is uniquely different in form, function and practicality. But there's a reason so many schools, sporting parks and homeowners choose chain link fencing to line their property. Here are the three big benefits of chain link fencing:

1. Cost

Quite simply, chain link fencing is the most affordable option around. A collection of data from installations by Remodeling Professionals, a home improvement company, reports the average total cost of chain link fencing to be 45% lower than traditional wood fencing, at least 50% lower than vinyl, and about 800% lower than brick. This may not seem as significant if you're only considering a few feet of coverage, but when securing your entire yard, your business, or even your city's baseball park, rest assured that your wallet will be thanking you for all of the money you've pocketed.

2. Maintenance

Years of wear and tear from the sun, wind, and rain (not to mention your family dog) can do significant damage to materials like natural wood. Chain link, on the other hand, is comprised of galvanized steel. It doesn't suffer the same problems as other materials, such as the warping of vinyl or splintering and chipping of wood. No one wants to spend their afternoons dealing with costly, time-sucking maintenance problems. Metal more than pays for itself with easy installation and unmatched long-term durability.

3. Safety

Chain link fences consist of interlinking pieces that provide maximum visibility. This allows you to keep an eye on your children when they're playing at the next door neighbor's house or chasing a ball out of the yard. In addition, burglars with nothing to hide behind may be deterred by such a lack of cover when slinking around at night. Of course, if you own pets, you can rest comfortably knowing that special wires installed at the bottom of the fencing can prevent them from digging out and running into danger.

Chain link fences are a time tested method of securing your home, your business, or your community's public spaces. From schools, to parks, to businesses with expensive materials, chain link has proven its practicality in countless situations. Its affordability lets you spend your hard earned money how you choose. Because of its incredible durability, it provides easy and infrequent maintenance. And its transparency allows to keep an eye on your kids, your pets, and your neighborhood while knowing that your home is secure.