How To Determine The Source Of A Spa Leak

Having a home spa is certainly a luxury you probably enjoy and use quite a bit. Unfortunately, depending on where your spa is located, detecting a suspected leak can be a bit of a hassle. This article will give you an overview on what you do when you are certain your home spa has a leak, so that you'll better be able to determine your next step in getting the leak under control.

Marking the Water Level

The first thing you'll want to do when trying to determine where a leak is is mark the water level on the inside of the spa tub. Let the spa tub run for a full 24 hours, then turn it off and mark the new level. Fill the tub again to the first marking, and let the tub sit for 24 hours in the off position. Mark where the water level is after the 24 hours is up. If the water drop was equal when the spa was running and when it was off, there is probably a crack in the shell of the spa. If water leaks when the pump is running, it is an indication of a leak after the water leaves the water pump. If there is more loss when the pump is off, it's an indication that the leak is in the water line before the water pump. 

Union Fittings

Another common place for leaks is around the union fittings. These are located around the heater and the water pump. Even if your spa is brand new, unions can become loose because of vibrations during shipment of the spa. Unions that are loose can be tightened easily by hand. If they seem too difficult to tighten by hand, remove them and realign the parts so they fit more evenly, and then tighten them. 

Pump and Heater Areas

A common area that you may find to be the source of your leak is the pump and heather areas. Checking these requires that you turn off your spa, and simply look for water. If you see water coming from your pump in the off position, then you have a leak. 

If you find that your pump and heater don't seem to be the source of the leak, check with the connectors and piping that lead to and come away from the pump and heater. A simple tightening of these pipes is all you should need to do to correct the leak, unless you find a significant crack in the piping. 

If you have tried to find the source of the leak but can't seem to determine exactly what the issue is, it's best to call in a plumber or a spa service for help.