3 Signs You Should Get Your Sewer Line Repaired

Dealing with problems with your sewer pipes can be quite unpleasant. Sewer and plumbing related problems can make home life frustrating, yet with a little know how, there are quite a few problems you can handle. Yet, while a clogged toilet might be something you can handle on your own, there are quite a few problems which you should leave to the professionals. Such as...

Soggy Patches In Your Yard

You might notice stagnant water often in your yard when there has been no rain for a while. This is a good clue that something is wrong with the piping running underground. This can be for any number of reasons, such as having nearby tree roots breaking through the piping or simply developing cracks due to wear and tear. Regardless of the cause of pipe damage, getting it rectified is key before you end up with a flooded yard and having your plumbing stop working.

Fixtures Are Draining Very Slowly

This is another telltale sign that you pipelines are in need of repairs. While a single slow running drain might indicate a simple clog, if multiple fixtures in your home are draining slowly then your piping is most likely beyond the help of drain cleaner. In fact, you should even refrain from immediately jumping to drowning your clogged pipes in chemical cleaner, especially if you live in a home with older pipes. This is because older pipes are more prone to taking further damage from the chemicals in cleaners. So, instead of trying to clean out your piping by yourself, it is wisest to consult a professional for help. 

Your Sewer Line Has Backed Up

This is the most unfortunate sign that your piping is in desperate need of servicing. If at any point you have sewage back-up in any of your fixtures then this indicates that something in the system has failed. While it might be possible to fix the problem yourself, it is highly recommended that you do not. This is because it is quite easy for an untrained person to cause more harm then good when working on sewer piping. So, while you might feel the knee-jerk reaction to do something about this unsightly problem immediately, leaving it to the professionals is the only way to make sure the problem does not get worse. 

So, if you've noticed any of these symptoms in your home, it is an excellent idea to search out licensed sewer repairmen like those from Drain-O-Rooter before these problems get any worse.