Tips For Optimizing Light Inside Your Metal Building

When it comes to the speed of construction and durability, pre-engineered metal buildings are a popular choice. If the thought of a metal building makes you think of the drab grey structures of the past, you're in for a surprise when you see how far they have come. Here is a look at several options available for bringing more light and brightness to the inside of your new pre-fab metal building.

Reflective Coating

If you paint the ceiling surface of the building with a light-reflective paint or coating, this simple step will brighten the space remarkably. When you paint the inside of the ceiling a bright, light color, it creates a surface for light to reflect back into the space beneath.

In spaces where the lighting is limited, this is a good way to brighten things up and optimize the light that you do have. You can apply the same light coating on the outside of the roof to reflect the sunlight away from the building, keeping it cooler inside. This can help you minimize your climate control costs.

Natural Light

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to lighten the space is to make use of natural light. Here are a few ideas to help you do this.

  • Skylight – There are many types of skylights that you can have installed in a pre-engineered metal building. In most cases, you can choose from most of the same types of skylights used in homes and other buildings. You might even be able to invest in skylight panels that are large enough to replace entire panels from your roof. By staggering these panels across the building, you can optimize your light sources.
  • Translucent Panels – Like skylights, translucent panels open up sections of the building to light from outside. You can replace entire panels from the walls, giving you light from the sides of the building as well. The panels are usually made from clear poly, and they slide into place just like the metal sections of the walls. You can place them anywhere that you would put a metal panel.

No matter what you plan to use the building for, it's important that you have sufficient light inside your metal building. With the tips presented here, you can overcome the sea of grey that often comes with metal by adding more light – natural and artificial. The brighter and more open your building feels, the easier it will be to work comfortably inside it.

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