Keep Those Tiny Black Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

If you turn the lights on in your kitchen at night and frequently see a line of black ants marching across the counter top, it's time to stop them in their tracks. These tiny ants can get into your kitchen through cracks in floor boards and window sills on their mission to find food. Make your kitchen inhospitable for these pests so you can work there without being disturbed by hungry ants. Here are some tips to get rid of these unwanted visitors.

1. Block their entrances

The next time you see a line of ants in the kitchen, follow it back to its origin. These pests can make their way in through the tiniest opening. Some of their entryways may include:

  • around window sills
  • around door jams
  • underneath doors
  • through openings in the baseboard
  • through electrical outlets and switches
  • through openings in the wall under the sink

Block all of these openings with insulation or use an expanding spray foam. Put new weather stripping under the doors. You'll have to continue watching for ants for several days as you block old entry points and the ants find new ones to use.

2. Additional deterrents

Some openings are difficult to seal, such as an old window that won't close all the way. Or perhaps you've seen ants in a kitchen cabinet but can't find an opening. In these cases, you can put down a substance that keeps the ants from moving past it. Some of the effective materials include:

  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chalk
  • Baby powder
  • White vinegar

Sprinkle or spray these around the window openings or in the back corners of kitchen cabinets and the ants won't walk through.

3. Remove the chemical trails

When scout ants find food, they leave a trail of pheromones for the other ants to follow. After you've blocked all openings, wipe down the floor and counter tops with an ammonia or chlorine cleaner. Wipe out the space under the sink and in any kitchen cabinets where you've seen the ants. This destroys the pheromone trail that the ants were following through your kitchen.

4. Remove any food sources

These black ants are attracted to anything sweet. Make it a habit to wipe up any splashes or spills as soon as they happen. Use an ammonia or chlorine cleaner instead of just water to make sure you remove any trace of the sugar smell. Sweep up anything that gets on the floor too. Just a few crumbs of something sweet can draw an ant's attention.

5. When ants have overrun the house

If you're seeing ants in many rooms of the house, it's time to call a pest control company, such as Antex Exterminating Co Inc. You can't find and block every entry point if ants are throughout the house. You may have ant colonies in the walls where you can't get to them. The pest control service will find the origin of the colonies and get rid of them. Even after the nest is gone, you may see scout ants for a few days wandering through the house. With the main nest gone, those ants will soon move out of your house for good.