Finding The Right Door For Your Patio

Having access to a patio can give you more livable space. The patio is typically separated from the interior of your home by patio doors, but selecting the right doors can be a difficult decision.

Before you make a final decision, here are three things you should consider to ensure you install the right patio doors for your unique situation.

1. Consider your furniture placement in the room leading out to the patio.

While you might not think that your indoor furniture would make a difference when it comes to patio doors, furniture placement should be taken into consideration before purchasing new patio doors. If your kitchen table or sofa rests close to the opening leading out to your patio, then you will want to stay away from french doors that swing inward.

Inward-swinging french doors take up a lot of floor space when open, and can affect your ability to place furniture near the opening to your patio. If you need all the floor space you can get for furniture inside your home, consider french doors that swing outward, or a sliding glass door instead.

2. Consider the wind pattern in your area.

The wind pattern in your area can play a significant role in determining which type of patio door you should invest in. French doors that swing outward can easily slam shut if gusts of wind suddenly affect your area. The panes of glass in the door can shatter, and the frame of the door can be damaged when slammed shut by the wind as well.

With the cost of a basic set of two french doors ranging from $300 to $800, these type of patio doors might not be your best bet if you live in a windy area. If you like the look of french doors, choose a set of doors that opens inward to prevent wind damage. You can also invest in a sliding glass door that will not be affected by wind.

3. Consider how accessible you want your patio to be.

If you really want to blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces, then a telescoping patio door may be your best option. These doors are characterized by three or more panels that slide past each other, offering you the ability to control the access to your patio.

With a telescoping patio door you can completely eliminate the barrier between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Just keep in mind that a telescoping patio door is best suited for a contemporary home, and may look out of place if your home is more traditional.

Selecting the right patio doors doesn't have to be difficult. Keep your indoor furniture placement, wind patterns, and accessibility requirements in mind and you will be sure to invest in doors that will meet your needs.