Tips To Prevent Falls On Your Construction Site

It seems like everywhere you turn, something new is being built. Office buildings, housing developments and government buildings pop up everywhere, and you're in charge of building them. As a construction professional, it's your prerogative to get the job done safely, perfectly, and on time. Construction site safety is a major concern for business owners who want to keep their workers healthy. Especially during peak seasons like spring and summer, accidents and falls become increasingly more common. You can work to prevent these accidents with the tips below.

Mandatory Safety Training

Because construction sites constantly change with varying equipment, daily jobs, and new projects, your crew has to be diligent about following safety rules at all times. With so many moving parts, it's no wonder fall accidents are a major cause for concern. Nip this in the bud with periodic safety trainings, especially for new employees. Give each employee a manual of your safety training so they can look over specific guidelines for the machines they'll use on any given day. 

Show, Don't Just Tell

Once all your workers understand the safety rules, work hard to be an example of impeccable safety on-site. Some site managers may feel the need to rush projects if the crew is behind, shirking safety. But this type of attitude can show workers that employee health is not a top priority. They may start slacking off, too, if a boss doesn't enforce the rules. Set the standard and then live it. 

Inspect Equipment Often

Some construction accidents may happen because of faulty equipment. There is still a possibility that a worker can fall because of their own negligence, but you can minimize the threat of an equipment-related accident with frequent inspections. Write up a checklist of pre-use visual inspections a worker can perform before starting up equipment. Bring in a specialized mechanic to do a thorough check of the motors and moving parts every few months. 

Use Safety Equipment Religiously 

As workers become more comfortable in their roles at your company, they may feel it's okay to slack off on using safety equipment. Make it a habit to use the equipment at all times. Guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and safety nets can prevent minor to serious injuries and even death. And be sure to provide proper steps for any height differences above 19 inches on site. Even a small slip or a twisted ankle counts as a workplace "fall," and proper steps can prevent that.

It may take a bit more time and energy to enhance construction site safety, but your workers will appreciate your concern. Contact a company like Public Works Supply for more information or necessary safety systems.