3 Wood Fencing Project Ideas To Makeover Your Backyard Space

If you want to makeover your backyard, wood fencing can be a good solution. There are many ways you can add features and custom designs to any wood fence. You may want to consider solutions like a green privacy screen, vertical garden or adding practical fences to the fence or in your garden. Here are some wood fencing project ideas that you may want to consider to give your fence a little more of a personal touch:

1. Build Planters To Attach A Vertical Garden To A Wood Fence

Planters can be a great way to make over your wood fencing. They are simple to build and can be easily fastened to the fence with screws. This can be great if you want to have a vertical garden area. If you are going to be using a lot of soil, consider adding a few extra posts to carry the weight. You may also want to consider making bracket that the planters attach to, which can allow you to easily remove the planters or move them around according to your needs. A French cleat system can be a good solution to be able to work with the configuration of containers on your fence.

2. Add Privacy To Your Fence With A Trellis And Green Privacy Screen

Another option you may want to consider is adding privacy to your fence with a green screen. This can easily be done with the addition of a trellis at the fence line where you want to have the green privacy screen. Using evergreen vines like ivy can give you a year-round solution. If you are planning on doing large sections of fence and want a more affordable solution, consider using chain link fencing materials for the trellis, which will eventually be covered in greenery and hardly noticeable.

3. Install Benches And Practical Structures Near Or Attached To The Fence

Benches and shade can be practical solutions that you may want to consider adding to your fence. You can build benches that match the fence and install them near the fence line or you may want to have them physically attached to the fence, which can be good to add strength to the fence structure if you plan on doing a vertical garden. Adding a arbor can provide you with valuable shade, and if you do a green privacy screen, you can let vines cover the arbor too for added privacy and shade.

These are some wood fencing projects that you may want to consider to give your fence a little more of a personal touch. If you are ready to start your projects, contact a fencing contractor (like Phoenix Fence, Co.) to get help with installation, repairs and ideas for your fence makeover.