Boost The Functionality Of Your Dock With These Post-Construction Additions

When you're working with a contractor on a dock design, it's important to think not only about the look of the dock itself, but also about how you intend to use it. Considering this topic will help you evaluate not only how you want the dock to look, but also any post-construction features you want added to it. While you can always think about buying and installing these features after the fact, your dock contractor can do this work for you so that you'll simply have to focus on enjoying the dock. Here are some valuable additions to consider for your dock.

Animal Steps

You've probably already thought about making sure that the dock will have a ladder if you plan to swim, but you might not have thought about the mobility of your dog. If your family has a canine member that will also be enjoying the water with you, the dog won't be able to climb the ladder and could face struggles climbing onto the edge of your yard. A simple solution is a set of animal steps. Similar to a ladder but positioned diagonally like a staircase in your home, this set of steps can be easily accessed by your dog.

Storage Compartment

Unless your home or cottage is just a handful of steps from the edge of the water, you won't want to waste time carting boating or water accessories from the garage or shed to the dock each time you want to enjoy some time outside. Talk to your dock contractor about building a storage compartment. Instead of you just buying a durable plastic container and bolting it to the surface of the dock afterward, the contractor may be able to build a storage area — perhaps a small shed-like structure with doors and a lock — that fits in well with the look of the dock and is the perfect size to hold your inflatable toys, water skis and fishing gear.


One mistake that some people make is failing to have lighting installed in their dock when it's built, and then rigging up something after the fact. Your dock contractor can skilfully include lighting elements into the dock, whether it's a few sections of lights that will make it visible from the water or some overhead lights (and perhaps a built-in bug zapper) that will add to your comfort if you enjoy sitting on the dock during the evening.