Make The Most Of The Flat Roof On Your Restaurant By Creating An Outdoor Dining Area For Your Patrons

Many restaurateurs want to be able to create an outdoor eating area for their patrons to enjoy. Owning a restaurant in a big city can sometimes make this difficult though, because many times there is limited outdoor space available because the sidewalks are flooded with pedestrians. If you own a restaurant in the city and have a flat roof that is not being used, consider turning it into an outdoor eating area for patrons to enjoy. The guide below walks you through a few things to take into consideration when transforming your flat roof into an outdoor oasis for your restaurant patrons.

Consider How Patrons Will Be Able to Access the Roof

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure to hire a building to come to your business to let you know if the access to the roof is built to code in order to use it for the access to your outdoor dining area. The stairwell has to be a specific width in order to allow people to easily escape from the roof if a fire occurs in the building. If the access is not to code, hire a contractor to find out what it would take to make it to code.

Hire a Roofing Company to Prepare the Roof for the Transformation

You need to hire a roofing company (like East Texas Roof Works & Sheet Metal LLC.) to prepare the roof for the change. The company will need to create a drainage system so that water does not pool on the roof or people will be walking through water puddles after a rain, which could be bad for business. The company can also make sure that the roof is flat enough for flooring to be put down to give the outdoor oasis a stunning look. The company can also install the flooring for you, once you choose the type you want to put down. Be sure the flooring is designed for outdoor use so that it doesn't warp or fade from exposure to the elements.

Consider Shade for the Patrons

You want to be sure that your patrons can be as comfortable as possible when they are eating on the roof so be sure to consider what type of shade you want to create for them. Umbrellas are not always the best idea for a roof top dining area because it can be windy on top of a building and that could cause the umbrellas to fly away. A pergola could be built or modern shades could be hung overhead to create the shade your patrons need and the unique look you want. The roofing company should be able to hang the shades for you so that they are secured properly.

When your outdoor dining area is complete, you can start serving guests right away. Be sure to advertise your new space to ensure that you get as much business as you possibly can.