3 Situations When Stud Welding Is The Best Choice

Between MIG, TIG and stud welding, it can be tough to choose the right type of welding for the job. In many situations, stud welding is the best choice. These are a few of these situations.

1. Cosmetic Applications

For one thing, stud welding is a great choice for many cosmetic applications. This is because stud welding does not have as much of a "burn" and generally does not leave behind as much weld on the surface of what is being welded as other welding applications do, even when done by a professional. Even though seeing a bit of a burn might not matter for certain things, if you are looking to weld something where looks really do matter, stud welding can be the cleanest, neatest and most professional-looking choice.

2. Limited Time

In some cases, things have to be welded as quickly as possible. For example, if you are working on equipment that is necessary to keep a factory running, you may not have a lot of time to spend on welding since you might be worried about getting production up and running. The great thing about stud welding is that it can be done very quickly. There are fewer assembly preparation steps to worry about completing before the weld can be completed, so if time is of the essence, stud welding is generally a great choice.

3. Lightweight Materials

Many types of metal can be welded with any type of welding because the metal is strong. However, lighter weight materials may not be able to withstand welding from MIG and TIG welding. In these cases, welding may actually cause more damage. When welding items that are made out of lighter metals or that are thinner, you may not want to risk using other forms of welding.

If you are into welding, it is smart to learn how to do all types of welding so that you can tackle any situation. One type of welding that is important to learn is stud welding, which is simply the best choice in some applications in which you may not be able to use other forms of welding effectively. For example, if you find yourself in any of these three welding situations, you will probably want to skip the other types of welding and use stud welding equipment. Fortunately, you can purchase this equipment and accessories from any business that specializes in selling equipment for welding professionals (like Northland Fastening Systems).