Steps You Can Take In Your Chemical Industry To Maintain The Smooth Operation Of Cooling Towers

The cooling tower sitting outside of your chemical plant is working constantly to cool down water used for cooling your industrial processes. Each day, your cooling tower takes in hot water and cools it down so that it may be used again and again in specific types of cooling processes. However, when your cooling tower is not properly maintained, you could be facing downtime across your entire plants when certain industrial processes cannot be cooled down. Learn more about the steps you can take to ensure your cooling tower is always up to speed and properly maintained.

Preparing For Cooling Tower Maintenance Shutdown Is Vital To Your Profits

In most cases, your cooling tower will need to be completely shut down for maintenance to take place. Planning ahead for shut down is the best way to avoid profit losses during cooling tower maintenance. The time your cooling tower will need to be shut down is determined by the type of tower you use. Maintenance techs can tell you exactly how long your operations will be on hold while maintenance is being performed. Planning ahead for this down time can prevent wasted materials and other issues in your manufacturing processes. For example, if your employees are filling up containers of a certain chemical to be cooled, making a specific time to not fill any more containers can help you avoid the loss of those particular chemicals. When your cooling tower shuts down, the last thing you need are containers of chemicals that will not be cooled properly and therefore wasted as a material profit loss.

Reducing The Risk Of Biological Contamination And Scaling Inside Your Cooling Tower

When natural anomalies like corrosion take place inside your cooling tower, the rust particles can cause the failure of your tower's mechanical parts. Through proper maintenance and interior cleaning processes, corrosive effects can be reduced. Also, scaling takes place naturally because some minerals are not water-soluble. Minerals like magnesium silicate, calcium carbonate, and calcium phosphate can cause buildup called scale that can create poor conditions for successful cooling process to occur. You can use specially formulated chemicals in your cooling tower to prevent scaling. Maintenance techs will provide treatment for preventing scaling and the growth of biological contamination in your cooling tower during maintenance shut down.

In the event your plant's cooling tower fails from not having proper maintenance, your plant could be shut down for a lot longer than it would be for scheduled cooling tower maintenance. By taking the time to plan ahead for cooling tower shut downs, you can experience low profits losses and remain as successful as you were before maintenance shut down.