Three Ways Commercial Painters Can Improve Your Concrete Office Building

You might have bought your concrete office building because it was affordable or located in a great area. After buying it, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that the building was made of concrete and believed that your improvement options were limited. Fortunately, commercial painters can provide a variety of services that will not only help your building look better than it ever has, but will also help the structure remain intact and make it safer for you and those inside. The following three paint solutions might work well for you.

Creating a Softer Look

Concrete can have a tough appearance, and if you wish that your office building looked a little less severe, painting can help. In fact, you may not know how different your building can look until you talk with a commercial painter. The drab gray concrete can be transformed into a textured, bright red structure, for instance. Concrete steps or walkway can even be stained to create the appearance of wood.

Making Floors Less Slippery

Concrete floors are hard and smooth, which means that any liquid spilled on them can create a risky situation that could result in injury for you or your employees. Other than putting down carpeting, you may not think you have another choice.

Luckily, commercial painters can offer you another option. There are anti-slip epoxies that can be applied to all the office floors to make falling less likely. You can choose the kind of epoxy finish you'd like to have so that the floors can be more attractive as well.


Another way commercial painters can help you is to waterproof the entire building. Leaks can lead to major problems for the building itself, and when your office building is situated in a location that has periods of heavy rain or snow, it's important to do whatever you can do to block water from entering your building. Painters can help you by putting a water-resistant seal on the building's surface or in areas where you might have already had problems.

Painters can also use water-resistant paint on the interior walls. This is especially beneficial if you've got a fully-equipped basement where work is done and you want to avoid condensation or other water-related issues.

When you hire commercial painters to work on your concrete building, the results can be beautiful and good for the structure. Consult a few commercial painting companies, such as AAA Action Painting, in your city to get a better understanding of what they can do for your particular office building.