How To Install Vinyl Siding Anchor Pieces

Homeowners with a limited budget are always looking for remodels that will increase their property value without breaking the bank. One of the most cost effective home remodels is vinyl siding, especially if you are able to install it on your own. Vinyl siding installation is relatively simple because it is produced with a modular design. This article explains how to install vinyl siding anchor pieces.

Attaching the Anchor Pieces

The most time consuming, technical, important and difficult part of vinyl siding installation is attaching the anchor pieces. The anchors are attached at the top of the wall. Then, the rest of the vinyl is hung from the anchor. In the end, the anchor pieces will be invisible. Making sure that the anchors are level and secure it very important. If the anchor is not level, then the lines on the vinyl panels will also be crooked. Also, if the anchor piece is not secure attached to the studs within your walls, they might not be able to support the weight of the vinyl. This is why attaching the anchor pieces is so vital in the installation process.

The key to attaching the anchors is to use a stud finder, level and power drill. The anchors will have predrilled holes that you can insert the screws in. You will usually need to provide your own screws. Of course, make sure you use the right type of screws for your sidewalls. If you have brick, stucco or concrete sidewalls you will need to predrill holes before attaching the screws. The anchors are attached just a few inches from the top of the wall. This length will depend on your manufacturer, so be sure to read the instructions.

Use a studfinder to identify and mark where the studs are within the walls. First, attach a screw at one end of the anchor piece. Then, use a level to make sure the anchor stays level while you are attaching a screw to the other end. Once both screws are tight double check the level before attaching all the middle screws. Don't skip any of the holes.

Once the anchor pieces are installed, the rest of your vinyl installation will go by very quickly. You will be surprised how easy it is to hang modular vinyl planks. Then, you will need to finish of the job by installing the trim pieces around the window and door fixtures.