Take Your Lakeside Dock From Dull To Luxurious With These Awesome Upgrades

Ahhh, the lakeside dock. It is a convenience that is hard to match when you have a lakeside property. Even just a basic platform set above the water surface is convenient, giving you a place to lounge, entertain, and enjoy summer days. However, if you want something a little more enticing and of a little more luxury quality, there are definitely ways the basic dock can be improved. The possibilities are really limitless if you have professional dock builders. Here is a snapshot peek at some of the ways you can take a basic dock to luxury. 

Integrate a Pool or Hot Tub 

Even when your section of the lake is not warm enough for swimming or enjoying the water, it does not mean that your dock has to go unnoticed and unused. You can still have a waterway getaway in the form of a pool or hot tub integrated right into your existing dock. This can take some doing if you have a smaller dock, but with the right contractor who is familiar with both pool installations and dock building, this kind of luxury dock addition is a possibility. 

Upper-Deck Sleeping Quarters

If you only have a single-level dock on your property, there is always room to expand, even if you don't have a lot of width to work with. You can simply have your dock elevated by adding more levels. The best part is that this upper level can be completely enclosed and transformed into a lakeside getaway by adding upper-level sleeping quarters. This can make an ideal guest house or just a nice place to chill on a lazy afternoon when the weather outside is not so great. When outfitted with things like wide windows and an on-site bathroom, you have yourself a luxury abode that is welcoming for many reasons and useful for many situations. 

Elevated Planters

Just as your property can have landscaped areas, so can the deck that rests beside the lake. With raised planting areas, you can install everything from trees and shrubs for privacy to flowering plants for whimsy. These planters work well because they are designed with drainage routes through the base, so there is no danger of the planters overflowing with moisture and killing plants or damaging your dock. Just adding planters to the corners of the dock can add a natural element to the space that helps the structure blend right into the surroundings.