Sewage Pump Not Doing What It Should? 3 Signs It's About To Experience A Break-Down

If you've got a basement, you also have a sewage pump. Its job is to pull the sewage from your home and pump it out to the main sewer line. In most cases, the sewage pump will be installed in an open pit towards the center of your basement. When it's working properly, it will remove all the waste so that your sewer lines remain open.

However, when it's not working properly, you could end up with raw sewage overflowing into your basement. When that happens, you not only have a mess to clean up, you also have a health hazard on your hands. If your sewage pump is exhibiting any of the issues described below, you need to contact your plumber as soon as possible.

1. The motor is Running, but No Fluid is Coming Out

If you've been hearing your pump come on at designated times, but the level in your waste pit isn't decreasing, you may be looking at a serious problem with your sewage pump. When functioning properly, your sewage pump should come on whenever there's fluid in the pit, and then shut off as soon as the sewage has been removed. When your pump is on its last legs, it may lose its ability to suction properly, which will result in the fluid level remaining the same.

2. The pump is Shutting Off too Soon

If you've been noticing that your sewage pump is shutting off before all the sewage has been removed from the pit, your pump may be about to malfunction. This is also true if your pump continues to run long after the pit is emptied. When your pump is working the way it should, it will continue to run until the pit is emptied before shutting off. Likewise, it will stop running as soon as the pit is emptied. If your pump stops running before the pit is empty, or continues to run after the pit is emptied, you need to have it inspected as soon as possible.

3. Strange Noises Coming from Pump

If you started hearing random noises, and now your pump is making loud banging and clanging sounds, you're about to be dealing with a catastrophic breakdown. Now's the time to contact your plumber to discuss a replacement. Don't wait until the noises get louder, or you could be left without a sewage pump while you wait for a replacement.

Don't wait until your sewage pump stops working altogether. If you've noticed any of the signs described above, call a plumbing service like Forrest Sewer Pump Service near you right away.