Setting Up A Driver's Ed Training Course In A Parking Lot: Things You Will Need

Teens learning to drive is a terrifying time for everyone, including the teens themselves. A lot of the driving skills that are tested during the road test do not include half of the driving skills needed to be out driving every single day. When you want to be sure that all of your driver's ed students are fully ready for whatever skills will be tested on the day of their exams, you need to set up a training course in your parking lot. Here are some of the things you will need and how to get them.

Traffic Cones

Instead of painting road lines on your parking lot, you can use traffic cones to create the idea of a two-lane roadway. The nice thing about traffic cones is that if one of your student drivers hits a cone, the cone will usually spring back into shape, or you can push it back into shape. Opt for cones that are more rubber than plastic to mark your "road" and your "lanes."

Traffic Message Boards

A traffic message board, carefully placed somewhere along your practice course, will encourage your young students to pay attention to both sides of the "road." They will learn to watch for important signs and to follow the directions given by these signs. Traffic message boards may be programmed with whatever messages you want, such as "slow down," "curve up ahead," "stay to the right," etc. They can also be used to train student drivers about their purpose in construction zones and remind your students how they should be driving in these zones.

Traffic Control Signs

Finally, you cannot have a proper training course without traffic control signs. Make sure you have a variety of signs and road situations set up in your training course, including stop signs, four-way stops, road work signs, warning signs for various road conditions up ahead, and more challenging course signs such as deer crossing, pedestrian crossing, disabled child/slow, etc. Contact a company like Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. to learn more about traffic control rentals. 

There are traffic control rental companies that typically rent all of the above out to construction crews. However, you could just as easily rent these items for your training course. They do not have to be used specifically for construction purposes. Renting all of the above for your training course is not that expensive either, plus the rental costs can be configured into the price of the driver's ed course you offer.