Why A Roofing Contractor Is Better Than DIY Installation Of A New Roof

If you're just bought your first house, you may pride yourself on all the home improvement projects you've done. However, while it's important to know how to do maintenance and repairs around your home, it's also important to know which jobs require professionals. Roofing is one example. Putting on a new asphalt roof may seem like a job you can tackle, but here's a look at a few reasons why you should hire a roofing contractor instead.

Working On A Roof Is Dangerous

Even if you have no fear of heights and you're comfortable climbing up a ladder, it can still be dangerous working on a roof if it's not something you do often. Roofers spend every day on roofs so they develop a sense of balance that keeps them safe when the unexpected happens. In addition to the danger of falling off of the roof, you're exposed to sun and heat, plus you may work near power lines and be at risk of electrocution. In addition, you'll be working with power tools and supplies that could cause injury, especially if you're working alone.

A Contractor May Be Required

Regulations vary according to the city you live in, so you'll want to check with your local codes office before you attempt to put on a new roof yourself, even if you're just applying a new layer of shingles without doing a tear off. A contractor might be required for the job. If not, you'll still need to follow all the building codes. This will probably involve getting a permit and inspections from the city as the work progresses. You may have strict codes to follow that could end up being too much trouble if you're not used to dealing with them every day.

DIY Roofing Could Take A Long Time

A contractor usually sends a small crew out to put on a new roof so the job is done in a day or two. If you do the job yourself, it could take weeks to get it done if you can only work on it part time. Enlisting the help of your friends may not be a good alternative since you'd be responsible for their safety. Plus, having a roof put on by a crew of inexperienced roofers could end in a disaster.

If you want to work on the roof yourself for the experience or just to save money, talk to your roofing contractor about what you can do. The contractor may agree to let you tear off the old roof before they put on a new one. Better yet, let the contractor handle the entire job of installing the new roof and save your roofing skills for making minor repairs to keep the roof in good shape in the coming years. Contact a service, like Wolf Exteriors & Remodeling, for more help.