Want To Never Buy Gas For Lawncare Equipment Again? Here's How

Lawn care equipment comes in two power varieties. Either you have to plug it in and try to avoid slicing the cord to pieces, or you have to buy a lot of gasoline, which smells horrible and sends toxic fumes into the air. Would it not be nice to have a third choice, one that is less loud, less smelly, less toxic, and less potentially dangerous? Actually, there already is. The following lawn care tools require no gasoline, no power cords, are significantly quieter than their gasoline counterparts, and they exude ZERO fumes. 

The 12-Volt Miracle

All of this equipment runs on the 12-volt rechargeable battery. Your first piece of equipment in this line of lawn care products typically includes the battery (which is about the size of a red building brick and equally as heavy), the charging dock, and the piece of equipment that you selected. The 12-volt battery can be recharged again and again. It can also be used in any of the other pieces of equipment from the same manufacturer. You can also buy extra batteries to have a backup battery or two, fully charged, when the original battery dies and needs to be recharged but you have a lot of yard work to finish.

​The Equipment You Can Buy That Uses the Rechargeable Battery

​There are typically one to three lawnmowers with various sized-cutting decks that use the lithium ion 12-volt battery. In addition to these lawnmowers, there are also trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, hedge cutters, leaf blowers, and a few other of the most common lawn care tools. If you have more than one battery, you can take care of one part of the yard, such as the lawn or hedges, while your spouse or teenager takes care of another. It cuts the work time in half because you never have to stop to fill up gas tanks, and you never have to go buy more gas. All of the batteries run between thirty minutes to an hour and a half on a single charge, depending on what you are cutting and whether or not you leave the equipment running while you are standing still.

​Better for You, Better for the Environment

These tools are as "green" as you can get. They do not vibrate excessively, which is known to cause repetitive injury disorders. They cannot pollute the air with noise or with gas fumes. They require no oil to operate either. Most of these products can be purchased where lawn care equipment is sold.