Build A Home Repair Gift Basket For Your Kid Leaving Home

Is your kid getting ready to move out of your house and start a life of his or her own? It's never easy letting go, but when you know that your kid is prepared for what's to come, it can make things a little easier for both of you. One thing that your kid will need to know is how to handle basic household repairs and emergencies. So, instead of giving your kid a gift basket filled with cookies and candy, load it with tools and household care supplies. Here, you'll find a few ideas of what to include in the home-maintenance gift basket.

Plumbing Supplies

There will be plumbing emergencies that your kid will have to tend to. So, to cover the plumbing element of the basket, you'll need:

  • 2 plungers – one for sinks and one for toilets.
  • Basic plumber's snake – make sure your kid knows how to use it and not to use it in the toilets.
  • Wrenches – 2 sizes – one large and one small for tightening fixtures.
  • Contact information for at least 2 plumbers in the area to ensure someone is reachable in an emergency.

Roofing Supplies

Hopefully, roofing supplies won't be needed, but you just never know. A roofing emergency kit should include:

  • Tarps – at least 2 large, heavy-duty to cover large areas of the roof if a serious leak or damage should occur.
  • Roofing nails – to attach the tarps or secure shingles that have come loose.
  • Roofing cement – to patch the seals around the chimney and other vents.
  • Hammer – well, to pound the nails.
  • Ladder – it won't fit in the basket, but your kid will need one if he or she owns a home.
  • Contact information of at least 2 roofers in the area.

Electrical Supplies

You really don't want your kid messing around with electrical repairs, but a few tools that may come in handy include:

  • A multimeter – to test to see if there is power coming from outlets or wiring.
  • Electrical tape – just in case it's needed for minor repairs.
  • Screwdrivers –both flat and phillips head.

Now, you have to make sure that your kid knows how to use all of the tools that you've included in the basket. Look for a book that includes all of the basics about home repairs. That book can provide a quick reference that will walk your kid through what to do in the event that something goes wrong. If you teach him or her how to do all of this now, you won't have to worry as much later.

Contact a supplier, like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company, to find the items you need for the gift.