What You Need To Know About The Types Of Patio Covers

As you check out the market for different types of patio covers, you might end up wondering exactly what the benefits of each kind are. Before you buy, take the time to learn about these five types of patio covers.


An umbrella that's freestanding is often the simplest form of patio cover. You can find models that are built into tables, and there are also ones that can be moved into position when needed. The advantage of this approach is that you don't have worry about leaving it out during the winter, a big plus for folks who live in northern climates. On the downside, you won't have access to many features, such as automatic deployment and retraction.


Deploying a combination of pillars and rafters with openings in between, pergolas are an old standby in the world of patio covers. If the gaps are too much, it is possible to attach hooks to the bottoms of them to hang canvas, allowing you to increase the available shade during the brightest of months. As an added bonus, pergolas make great platforms for mounting lights, making them a versatile choice for folks who want to enjoy their patios day and night. Many families and businesses that want more shade than pergolas offer are purchasing models that use tight lattices.


Utilizing relatively cheap metal sheeting materials is a good way to keep costs down. The farmhouse style uses galvanized steel or aluminum. It can be noisy during rainstorms, and inherent corrosion risks make it questionable for folks who live near the sea.


Sail-style patio covers that attach to poles and the edges of buildings are very simple and effective. In particular, folks who need to cover large areas often prefer to use several cloth patio covers to maximize the available shade. They're also relatively easy to detach, permitting you to take them down in the winter months. The downside to cloth is that it can get roughed up in regions that have unpredictable high winds.


While not the flashiest or most stylish of options, acrylic patio covers are going to be durable and low maintenance. They may discolor over time due to UV ray exposure, but the low price tends to make replacement cost effective. If you'd rather use a material that lets in some light while also providing total protection from rain, acrylic patio covers are a superb choice.

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