Gutters, Downspouts, And Rain Collection: 3 Improvements To Makeover Your Gutters For Water Collection

Every day, the cost of living goes up, as well as the cost of precious resources like water. With global warming and summer droughts, there are added problems like water restrictions. There is a simple way to add resources — using your gutters for rain collection. To start water collection with your gutters, some of the following improvements will be needed:

1. Increasing the Water Collection Capacity with Wider Gutters

The current capacity of your gutters may limit the amount of water that can be collected from rain runoff. This may be due to the lack of gutters in some areas, narrow gutters, or downspouts that have a lower flow capacity. When improving your gutters for rain collection for water resources for your home, you may want to consider improving the capacity of your gutter system with improvements in some of these areas.

2. Installing Prefiltration Systems and Downspouts for Rain Collection

When the rain runoff comes from your roof and flows into gutters, there is a lot of dirt, debris, and contamination that gets washed into the water. To prevent these problems, prefiltration systems can be installed to remove debris like leaves and twigs from branches, or granules from asphalt shingles. If you want cleaner water with less contamination, consider roofing materials like metal rather than conventional asphalt shingles.

3. Choosing the Best Water Storage Solution and Plumbing for Rain Collection

Another problem that you will have to deal with is storing the water that you get from collection systems. The first option to consider is rain collection barrels or buried tanks, which are an affordable solution. In addition to the storage, you also want to consider plumbing, which can be just a gravity fed faucet or powered by a small pump to provide water pressure.

4. Adding Purification and Filtration for More Potable Water Uses

Purification and filtration are also improvements that you want to consider for your rain collection system. The first option is using an affordable coal filtration system. For more potable water uses, you will need to have pumps installed, as well as a complete water purification system installed to remove particles from debris and purify the water of any contamination.

These are some tips to help you get started with rain collection with just a few improvements to your gutters. If you are ready to reduce utility costs and add valuable resources to your home, contact a gutter contractor, like those at Art's Custom Seamless Gutters  Inc, and talk with them about some of these improvements.