Why Utilize A Pre-Made Roof Truss?

When discussing roof options for the house you're having custom-made, your contractor may discuss different methods and materials with you. They may also ask you whether you'd prefer traditional "stick framing" with rafters or a prefabricated truss. Without experience in the home-building field, you might not grasp the particulars of the topic, and you might wonder why you would consider a prefabricated structure rather than having all the work done on your property. Why might a pre-made truss be for you?

Speed of Installation

One reason trusses are so popular is that they save time. If you went with traditional stick framing, it would take a period of days to get the lumber to your property and measure and cut the lumber. Then the lumber would have to be mounted on the house. With a truss, the entire structure is made elsewhere while your contractor and their employees do other work on the house. The truss will arrive, and all that needs to be done is for it to be mounted on top of the home structure. The truss can be set up in a single afternoon.

Lower Costs

Pre-made trusses will also save more of the money you've set aside to build the house. When it takes less time to install the truss, that will mean that you're billed fewer hours by your construction team. You'll also be saving on lumber costs; trusses are engineered and created to provide the same stability as the traditional stick framing roof without using as much lumber.

Easier Customization

If you do have a special idea in mind for the shape and style of your roof, prefabricated trusses provide a simpler method of customization. Again, as the truss will be manufactured off-site, that work can begin before anything is even happening on your property site. Work on the truss can happen independently of the rest of the home, so when you're ready for the customized truss, it will be ready.

Greater Protection for Special Environments

If you live somewhere that regularly experiences seismic activity, being able to count on the stability of your roof is vital. Prefabricated trusses can be designed to handle specific environments; this kind of engineering can make you feel secure about the structure.

Talking about building trusses with your contractor is the best way to explore the structural options available. With their help, you'll better select a traditional or truss system according to your budget and needs.