How To Install Replacement Windows

When installing replacement windows in your home, it is very important to be sure they fit correctly and seal tightly. This prevents air and moisture from coming in around the windows. It will also help keep the cost of heating and cooling your home more affordable. If you have never installed home windows on your own, it may seem like a somewhat difficult task. However, by following these steps, it can be done in a relatively short period of time.

Remove the Old Window

The first step involves removing the old windows. Be careful not to damage the inside of the opening in the wall where the windows are sitting. You will need a flat pry bar to pry out the old windows and a utility knife for removing the sash cords and screen.

Remove the interior trim that is around the old window. Cut sash cords, remove the sash from the frame and take out any screens that are on the window as well. Once this is done, you can easily pull the old window out away from the opening. Be sure to also remove the sash weights from each side of the opening.

Seal the Opening

If there are empty spaces inside the wall, be sure to fill these with fiberglass insulation. Apply a thin line of caulking around the window opening. Put expanding foam insulation along the window sill and underneath the expander flashing. Then place the expander on the top of your new window before installing it. Insulating the inside of the opening before installing the window helps keep air from coming in and going out of your home. This gives the window a tighter fit once it is placed into the sill.

Install Your New Window

Set the window in the sill from the bottom side first. Then press the top of the window tightly against the wall. Next, attach the window to the opening with a two inch stainless steel screw in each corner. Apply caulking along the window jam and frame, install PVC trim around the inside of the window, caulk around the trim and then nail on the window stops.

Once you have finished your window installation, you can heat and cool your home more efficiently. New windows also improve the appearance of your home as well. You can take pride in knowing you installed your new windows on your own and may have also increased the value of your home.