4 Masonry Projects That Will Help You Makeover Your Landscaping With Curb Appeal And Attractive Features

If you want to add real value to your home, there may be a lot of renovations and home improvements on your to-do list. But where do you start with the improvements? Curb appeal and landscaping renovations are a great place to start because the exterior of your home is the first impression an appraiser or potential buyer will get. Masonry projects are versatile solutions to add curb appeal and attractive features to the landscaping around your home. The following landscaping projects will help give your home the curb appeal you are looking for:

1. Paved Paths Built With Brick, Stone, or Precast Concrete

To start your project, you may want to add paved paths to your landscaping. Masonry is a great choice of material to use for these projects because it can even be used for things like driveways, with attractive finishes that integrate nicely into the landscaping. With pavers, there are many choices of materials, such as brick, stone, or precast concrete. If you are also using pavers for the driveway design, you will want to make sure that they have a design that can withstand the abuse of cars driving over the paved areas.

2. Options for Retaining Walls and Giving Them an Attractive Masonry Finish

There are also retaining walls that you may want to add to your landscaping. These walls are used to make terrain even for outdoor use and to retain soil to prevent problems with erosion. Sometimes, the retaining walls are knee-high, which can be done with masonry products like brick alone. When the retaining walls are higher, they will need to be more structurally sound, which can be done with structural blocks or concrete. The unsightly finishes of structural retaining walls can be improved with a masonry veneer to give them an attractive finish.

3. Adding Attractive Curbing for Flowerbeds That Will Add Real Curb Appeal to Landscaping

In addition to paths and retaining walls, there are also gardens and flowerbeds that can be integrated with hardscaping. To give these features a more attractive look, retaining walls can sometimes be used, but when they are the same level as the surrounding terrain, borders are needed. To give them an attractive finish, masonry curbing can be professionally installed. This will give borders an attractive finish as well as help to improve the drainage of your landscaping.

4. Using Masonry Features for Decorative Landscaping Details and Structures That Add to Your Home's Curb Appeal

Masonry features are also a great way to make the decorative features in landscaping more attractive. There are options like creating masonry pillars for birdbaths, accents for garden arbors, and other attractive details. If you have an outdoor pavilion or pergola, you may want to accent these features with attractive stone columns or pedestals that support structural posts.

These are some of the masonry projects that you may want to consider for adding attractive curb appeal to your home. If you are ready to add curbing, retaining walls, or paver paths to your landscaping, contact a masonry contractor for assistance.