Eliminating Weeds Without Killing Your Trees

Trees are a wonderful thing. They can provide shade, shelter, and even a place to harbor memories. However, often times weeds will grow around your trees and steal your tree’s water sources. Many people try to control these weeds with commercial spray and end up harming their trees. With these simple tips, you can diminish the weed growth around your trees without harming the tree itself. Prepare your ground before you even plant your tree.

Contractors: 3 Ways To Cut Your Expenses

As a contractor, you have probably done jobs before where you ended up spending more on your project than you wanted to. A lot of customers don’t realize just how much money contractors have to put into their building projects, and you probably don’t want to raise prices for your clients any more than you have to. To help ensure that you maintain your profits without increasing prices for your clients, try these tips for cutting your expenses.

Three Tips For Filling In Cracks On Wood Countertops

Many people think that wood countertops are even more beautiful than their granite and marble counterparts. But the main downside with them is their tendency to develop cracks when placed under too much sudden strain. Luckily, following these three tips closely will help to make any cracks that do develop on your countertop virtually unnoticeable. Don’t Apply Too Thin Of A Wax The three main types of wax used to fill in cracks and abrasions on wood countertops are beeswax, paraffin wax, and carnauba wax.