Signs Your Home's Chimney Is in Need of Repair

Every year, people lose property and even their lives to chimney fires. When too much creosote builds up inside of the flue, it will catch on fire and create a super-heated danger to the rest of your home. In addition, physical chimney damage allows flammable creosote and rainwater to leak in between the masonry; this leads to additional types of chimney damage. If your home’s chimney hasn’t been inspected in many years, then now is the right time to have it done by a company like Sposato Masonry.

Gutters, Downspouts, And Rain Collection: 3 Improvements To Makeover Your Gutters For Water Collection

Every day, the cost of living goes up, as well as the cost of precious resources like water. With global warming and summer droughts, there are added problems like water restrictions. There is a simple way to add resources — using your gutters for rain collection. To start water collection with your gutters, some of the following improvements will be needed: 1. Increasing the Water Collection Capacity with Wider Gutters